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My simulation of muscles and nerves

My simulation of muscles and nerves


sl sl7b5_001

ALS in Second Life

My avatar is working to create a simulation for the ALS Foundation

sl sl7b6_001

My build of a necrotic muscle/nerve environment that you might find in ALS patients

interactive Blog in Second Life

Interactive Blog in Second Life

Healthy Muscles and Nerves

Healthy Muscles and Nerves

collie in glass balls second life_001Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 3.41.12 PM


shrinking tunnel entrance

This is the entrance to a shrinking tunnel that shrinks you to be twice as tall as an atom of hydrogen. In this game, you save your world by finding atoms and putting them correctly to form water molecules.

Stolen Star, yellow bellied Sneetches

This is a quick animation I did with students whom I was teaching to use Scratch programming language in Holyoke. Scratch is a simple programming language developed at MIT to teach basic computational literacy. I taught Scratch for three months in an afterschool program.

night flying birds

This is my first animation made in Alice. Alice is another programming language, this one is out of Carnegie Melon. With Alice, students program interactive animations. It is designed to interest more girls in programming with its focus on story telling. I don’t agree with the generalization, but I like Alice.

interactive Blog in Second Life

In the virtual world Second Life, my avatar is surfing the internet.

VLERT sign

sl atoms_001

Choosing atoms to put together to make H2O

acclimation playground2
Piaget and Creativity


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