Birdie Champ, Owner/UX Designer, UXDiversity

I am Birdie Champ, BS, M.Ed, Ed.S., a passionate user experience (UX) designer and researcher. My graduate interests were why adults game-binge, learning via simulations, computational literacy, creativity, and educational games. Over the years I have built an extensive portfolio of user experiences, with a centralized goal of providing the most effective and efficient adult learning experiences possible. This includes a wide range of topics and delivery methods, including extensive soft-skill content development, virtual reality (VR) games, live and virtual medical simulations, genetic laboratory protocols, live forensic mystery camps, online college courses, technical corporate training, medical and scientific illustration, animation, videography, user-generated content sharing, and more.


In addition to UX work:

  • Publications include 42 illustrations in Merriam Webster’s Medical Dictionary (2019), Pharmacogenetics for Insurance Professionals (2017), Assisting the last of the Luddites: Immersive Professional Development for Educational Technologists, via a Quasi-Alternate Reality Game (qARG) (2012), Interactive Environments as Pedagogical Tools: Learning from Worked Examples in Scratch and Alice (2012), Alice’s Adventures in a Microscopic Wonderland  and, Mad Hatter’s Tea (2009).
  • Awards include graduate student grants, a 1st place award the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the Science Engineering Visualization Challenge (2008), a Grinspoon award (2019), and funding from the NSF to further develop an educational driving game designed for people with attentional differences (2019).
  • Speaking engagements include the University of Connecticut Conference on Genetics (2008), Women in Science at Bay Path College (2009), Girls, inc. (2011), and the Serious Play Educational Games conference (2019).

For more information, feel free to contact me directly using the form below.






  1. Colleen, you are a true innovator, a gifted artist, an imagineer!!! Your site is amazing! I would encourage anyone to explore it thoroughly!

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