Creativity is a Swallowed Bluebird

I am reading Ch. 1 How Learning Happens and not seeing much about creativity. Made me want to review some of my old notes on creativity. See article in the National Center for Disability (file:///Users/collie/Desktop/2018_aspen_final-report_full_webversion.pdf)

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Monday a friend and I traveled two hours to Tufts University to hear an “expert” speak about creativity.  The lecture opened with an opportunity for us to be creative, to collaboratively share in the luxury of divergent thought.  We were asked to creatively solve a problem.  The facilitator posed the question,

“You want to take your friend for a walk around the lake to view the beautiful fauna and wildlife.  Unfortunately, your friend is disabled, and in a wheelchair, and the terrain is intermittently rocky, muddy, or sandy.  How can you take your friend around the lake?”

Answers were flying!

“Bring some boards!”

“Fly them on a helicopter!”

“Put foam on the wheels!”

“Throw down a tarp!”

“Take a canoe!”

“Carry them!”

And my favorite, “Ride horses!”

Unfortunately, the answers were shot down by the facilitator as quickly as they were suggested, like clay pigeons.

“No, it will scare the animals.”

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