Active Assimilation

Birdie Champ

Considering Piagetian theory, I’m intrigued by the notion of assimilation as an active, not passive component of the constructivist learning process for two reasons:  The parallels of assimilation to biological neural pathways, and the uneduced consideration of fleeting interest.

1.  The parallels of Assimilation to Biological Neural Pathways

Somiedo, Asturias, Spain; by my friend Larry Derdane Active pathways are well myelinated

“A structure actively seeks to relate to aspects of the environment that provide context for its functioning.  Thus, we refer to the act of assimilation rather than to a passive reception of information from the environment” (Clement, 1977, unpublished dissertation, p. 18).  To continue the anthropomorfic theme, is this to say our schemata actively seek outvalidation in order to insure their own existence?  Do mental structures wane if inactive as do neuropathways?  Active nueoropathways of the brain wax with myelination the more they are used (Center for Educational Research and Innovation, 2007).  Is learning deeply a…

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