The Power of your Own Personal Learning Management System

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.12.17 PMWhat does it mean to you, the learner, if your company uses some sort of Tin Can API as a learning management system? Let’s say you work for company QQ, and you want to learn about business analytics and R programing. Your company doesn’t teach it, so you map out some classes from Coursera, from, etc.You post your plan (i.e., your learning pathway) on your page within company QQ’s learning management system (LMS.) Six months later you are the business analytics guru at QQ; you show off your new tricks, and your QQ boss loves you! She creates a BI Analytics department and puts you in charge– Hurray!! Then, your peers furiously hit your page because they want to take the same classes; they want in! They see your pathway, and sign up for the same classes. Head hunters start calling you, and you leave QQ for a great new job. Yes, company QQ cries a lot (geeky gamer reference intentional!) And guess what? Even though you do not work for QQ, you still have access to your old page, and your old learning pathway. You continue to build your learning portfolio, continue to impress,boss after boss, after boss, etc. etc.  See Degreed LMS…   p.s. to my bosses, this is NOT autobiographical!

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