Animation: The Social Interactions of Gamers

Animation of Gamer interactions
Click to view Animation of Gamer F2F Interactions

I did some fieldwork in a community college cafeteria, where there is a thriving community of young adult Millennials (YAMs) who are avid Gamers.

There are generally three types of games: Sports games, video games, and tabletop games.  Most of this community spends their leisure time between classes in the cafeteria playing Magic the Gathering, a card collectables tabletop game.  If they are not playing, they are talking about other games, media, memes, and the like. Some are good at Gaming, they enjoy it.  Others just want to be part of the community so they try to learn.

This was a slow day.  Usually I see between fifteen and twenty students, with multiple games occurring at multiple tables. For my fieldwork, I sat and watched the social interactions of this group for forty-six minutes.  I have pages and pages of notes, but I needed a visual tool to see the interactions better.  I created this quick animation in Scratch, turning forty-six minutes into three minutes. Enjoy!

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