An Ignorant Confidence

The Digital Native fallacy also creates a less obvious dilemma for some students who consider themselves to be tech savvy.  Increased use of technology does not necessarily increase skills in ICT. In an assessment of the ICT skills of 4,048 college students, a low correlation was found between ICT literacy (ICT skills) and the frequency of ICT activities (Katz, Macklin, 2007). This would indicate that although exposure to technology is a critical factor, the quality of that exposure is equally important. In this same study, students who reported a high frequency of ICT activities also reported high confidence in their ICT abilities.  This would indicate that students might be self-identifying as “Digital Natives”, while unaware that their ICT skills are lacking in comparison to their peers. These study results provide “strong support for instructors’ claims that frequency-of-contact does not translate to good ICT literacy skills, and point to the need for ICT literacy instruction” (Katz, Macklin, 2007).

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