Courage to be Vulnerable

Passionate people are extremely interested, motivated, and engaged.  They learn everything they can regarding their object of passion.  To be passionate about something, however, they must first self-identify with the object of passion. It means saying I aman artist, rather than saying, I enjoy making art.

My questions are:

  • What are the Habits of Mind acquired by self-proclaimed passionate people?
  • How do they have the courage to proclaim their passion? Two Extremes of Interest, Champ 2012

People also acquire negative Habits of Mind, ontologies of poor efficacy, inferiority, hatred, or mistrust to name a few. These are also Habits of Mind acquired from authority figures, and adopted, and internalized. These create disdain, the antithesis of passion, and inhibit learning. It is the difference between saying, I don’t like math, and saying, I am a person who is not good at math.

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