Media Consumers vs. Media Producers

Interacting with the World Wide WebConsider how Student A and Student B are able to use technology to communicate with their peers, and the World Wide Web.  Both are abreast of information regarding poplar culture.  Student A, however, uses technology as a media consumer; her interactions with the Internet are vastly limited.  Aside from social media, she receives information about pop culture in a one-way conversation through videos, websites, and games; never does she equally reciprocate in communication.  She is highly influenced, but blocked from influencing others, short of her closest friends who receive her text messages. Student B, however, belongs to a growing technocracy that is able to respond and contribute to a wash of information received.  Not only is he a media consumer, he is a media producer.  He is able to take information and use digital tools to organize and understand it better, to mold it into his own cognitive models, to add his own experiences and understandings, and share it not just with his friends, but with the world.

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