Quick Prep for the GED


drink apple juice
The shirt reads, "Drink apple juice. OJ will Kill you".

My 16 y.o. son will take the GED test this weekend.  I’m nervous, he is not!  He already has 2 semesters of community college under his belt, excellent grades, but…uugh! It’s more about how to take a test, and knowing what answers they are looking for.  He’s that kid who always brings the test to the professor to point out how their exam questions could be misconstrued.  Can’t do that with the GED!  My interest in adult education has led me to look at this test more closely, and to find examples. Nearly 800,000 people take the exam every year, and about 500,000 fail.   Your success or failure depends greatly on your preparedness, with levels varying by state. The test has 7 parts, and takes 3 days.  Here is something I put together, with links to sample exams.

Day 1, 1 p.m.
test 1: Writing Skills
test 2:  Essays
Day 2, 1 p.m.
test 1:  Social Studies
test 2:  Science
Day 3, 1 p.m.
test 1:  Literature
test 2:  Math with a Calculator

test 3:  Math without a Calculator


  1. Kudos to you for getting him to TAKE the darn test, Birdie! My charmer, who is now 25, also went to college young. We agreed he’d do the GED before he finished at HCC. He never did it. He’s got his AS, his BA with honors, and some grad credits under this belt. So, I suppose he’s right that it matters little, if at all. it just GALLS me somehow that he just blew that step off.

    Oh well, many a parent has dealt with worse rebellion that that! 😉

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