Skill 4 of 5: Teaching Excellence

Critical Teaching Skill 4 of 5:  HygieneMy husband, hand model extraordinaire!

Good hygiene is washing your hands so you don’t get sick, or brushing your teeth so you don’t get a cavity; these are proactive measures of personal hygiene to keep us healthy and strong. Managerial hygiene is a similar proactive approach, except that it is the learning environment we are keeping healthy and strong. Systems for respecting peers, lesson plans, handling absences, conflict resolution, etc., should be designed and shared with the students ahead of time (or with the students early on), so they know what to expect, what is expected of them, and the consequences of both positive and negative classroom behaviors. Managerial hygiene is as simple as designing a lesson plan that keeps all students involved, reviewing the day’s agenda at the start of the class, or closing class with reminders of what is coming up. A healthy classroom culture fosters healthy learning.


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