Kids teach themselves ICT

Oh how I love this!  Not just because it is one of my favorite previous students, but because it is a stellar example of  how direct interest in self-expression creates an indirect interest in learning the tools of  technology  for self-expression.  My incredible musician friend Izzy is continually teaching himself information and communication technologies (ICT); knowledge that stretches well beyond what he is “taught” in his (unfortunately) struggling urban school.

He uses books, websites, and youTube videos to teach himself Pro Tools Software for recording, mixing, and mastering, and FL Studio to make the instrumentals, and reaches out to a broad audience by maximizing the tools of social media.  In addition, he now sells his skill for $40/hour, charging people to use his technology skills and studio equipment.

FB Chat with Isaiah

FB chat with Isaiah

Yet, it’s a shame this wealth of knowledge isn’t valued or financially supported in his educational system, and likely his grades reflect this.  I recognized Izzy as one of my brightest students three years ago; if only schools celebrated and encouraged more creativity, if classes integrated art into their curricula, If STEM could be STEAM, Izzy’s propensity for self-expression through technology would be recognized and cultivated.   I’m sure Izzy has a bright future, it’s a shame he has to spend so much time outside of school preparing for it.


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