The New Renaissance

Parishlike: an art instillation in Second Life The Western Renaissance was a time of Scientific Revolution, or New Philosophy [Koestler, 1959].  The community of scientific revolutionaries aimed to understand nature through observation, just as the artists aimed to paint and express nature by observation.  “…[scientist’s] cosmic quest destroyed the medieval vision of an immutable social order and walled-in universe” [Koestler, 1959, pg. 9].  Great polymaths like Galileo, da Vinci, and Copernicus were multilingual scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, physicians, and artists, bridging vast domains of knowledge.

In today’s new Renaissance era we too are all polymaths (thanks to the juju of Google!), courageously venturing into the dark forest of tall standing domains of knowledge.  We are inquisitive, and  powerfully rich with knowledge at our fingertips.  Drunk from sampling the distributed intelligences [Pea, 1993] of the Internet, we brazenly question authority: our doctors, our professors, our parents, our religions.  Our knowledge has made us authoritative agents.  We are the new polymaths forging  the New Renaissance!

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