“Throw Me a Rope, Vygotsky!

Let us not forget the basics!  Here is an illustration I made a few years ago for a presentation on Vygotsky’s ZPD, which Cristine Smith also used in her work in Bangladesh.  It’s been on my mind as I consider making an illustration of Mezirow’s Transformational Learning.  Vygotsky’s knowledge builds slowly, by accretion.  But what if the knowledge is ethnocentric by nature?  Imagine a river slowly washing away a mountain of misconceptions.  It’s a way of slowly changing built-up knowledge;  antithetical to constructivism, except that to do so you need to replace one old habit of mind with a new habit of mind.  I need to draw this!  Stay tuned…ZONE OF PROXIMAL DEVELOPMENT


3 thoughts on ““Throw Me a Rope, Vygotsky!

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